I been wanting to write a post about friendship, and finally im starting on it. So many things happened during 2015 and I am glad that my friends still remains as it is. I am also thankful to still have my secondary school clique, even tho we are no longer in the same class […]


I am back to my own space writing my own thoughts. It’s been quite a while since I updated this space. Well, It’s November now, so many things happened and I have no idea where to start from. Let’s just start with Taylor Swift Concert! AND YES, I went to Taylor Swift concert on the 8 […]


Finally some free time to update the blog here. Time is really passing by too quickly. Just a blink of eyes, it’s already July. There isn’t anything much that i would like to update about. I felt that people nowadays are too quick to judge and as well as that without hearing both side of […]

Father’s Day

Before the day ends, I want to wish all the father, daddy, dad, papa and also grandfather a Happy Father’s Day. Today used to be a special day for me where i will wake up early to prepare breakfast or maybe bake something for my dad, however, it’s no longer that way. He’s no longer […]

Deep Thoughts.

Every relationships will definitely have good and bad memories. Even though, there was quite a number of times where we always argued over small little things and have misunderstanding, but I am glad that we ended for good. And the best thing is, we are still friends. People around me that know about us, still […]


It has been a long time since i posted something here.. Many things happened recently, many things had changed around me… So, apparently, I am in a new class now and it doesn’t seems to be the way I thought it would be. As compared to my previous class, I definitely want them back as […]

I’ve lost faith..

What’s forever and always? In life, is there forever and always? I doubt. I doubted everything you said to me now, I can’t seems to bring myself to trust you anymore. I’ve lost faith in you, not just you but myself too. I seriously thought if I held on to this relationship, there will be […]