Relationship comes when two person decide to share their time together, do things and spend time together. Relationship is fragile, just like a person’s life. We can easily make promises and plans, but how many can we exactly keep and not turn it into a empty promises? In every relationship, trust and respect is important… And those are to be earned. If you were to break it, then its gone forever.

I am the kind to put all my trust into someone.. And I never think that they would lie and hide things from me to a certain extent. However, if its just a small matter, I would always close one eyes. Because I believe human are bound to make mistakes and they deserve a second chance. No matter what and why. But, if the second chance was given and no changes was made, everything remains the same, trust and chance taken for granted… then thats the end. I can forgive, but I will never forget.

Once bitten, Twice Shy. / Don’t get burned twice by the same flame.’

I was dumb. Dumb enough to believe you. Dumb enough to get myself hurt so many times. I should have known that you don’t deserve so many chances from me. All in all, I was a fool. You have lied and hide for months, yet I didn’t realise anything was wrong. Thank you so much for doing that. I have now learned my lesson and I will never be in that position where I’m being fool. Everyone been telling me to be wary, be smart and be safe. I never trusted them because I see something in you which others didn’t. However you took my trust for granted and turn them into betrayal. I don’t hate you, neither am I angry. I am just disappointed. I am just upset that you took me for granted. Everyone else knew what was going on, but here I am living in the dark not knowing a single thing about it. Well done, you did a wonderful job is hiding and pretend that nothing ever happened.

I’ve learned that in every relationship, everytime you lie, it brings you a little closer to goodbye. 

 Don’t lie, don’t hide. Be truthful to yourself and your love one. If you truly love them, don’t ever think of hiding things from them. Because, when one day they found out, they won’t be upset that you lied, but they will be upset that they can no longer believe the person they used to trust so much. And that’s what is killing them.




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