‘Somebody save me, save me from myself. I can’t break free from the cards I’ve been dealt. So good in helping when it’s somebody else.  Just save me, cos I can’t save myself..’ – Save Myself by The Sam Willows.

If I can turn back time, I will bring back my love one…

Life is so fragile. We will never know what is going to happen to us or anyone in the next moment. Its been 4 years plus since you left… It has been on my mind forever, what will it be like if you are still here with me, us. Will everything be better? I miss you.

I am starting my new chapter soon.. I am about to meet new people, make new friends. Study new things, new modules. New school, new people. Its a new start. I am hoping for the better. Hoping everything will be smooth. D, please look after me from wherever you are. I know you are always here looking out for me.

Choices are given to us, to let us choose our path in life. There’s always a reason behind every choice we made. Whether its for the good or bad, it is meant to make us stronger in life. We are growing up everyday facing different things, different people and different choices.

I have once made a wrong decision, I have regretted it a lot. However, there is nothing I can do to turn back the time. I can never go back in time to change my decision. It’s too late. He’s gone. Forever and ever. I should have stayed, because I believe you will come back if I stayed. Because I knew how much I meant to you, and how much this family meant to you.

D, I know its been so long. But memories of you are still so fresh in my mind. I miss you, us.




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