It been 1589 days since you left me, daddy. I miss you so much. Days like this, you will definitely be here next to me talking to me or even just sitting at the sofa watching tv together. I miss days having breakfast with you.. I miss days having supper with you. I miss you. 

It’s going to be father day soon. Yet, another year without you. Im slowly getting used to it that you won’t be around with me during any occasion anymore.. I am turning 21 this year, how I wished you will be here…

I know we will all old and age one day. I know life is unpredictable… But sometimes, its just so hard to let go and move on. Feelings just stay as long as they want to. Someone once told me, ‘Happy or sad, it is also still one day gone… then whats the point of living our life in sadness?’ Its true. Life is hard, don’t make ourselves live in misery. I’ve lost a couple of loves one. I’ve also lost a couple of friendship. Honestly, it affects me a lot.

It hurts to see friends leaving just because of certain decision made. I just wished everything will be better for those who is no longer in my life. I won’t regret any decision i’ve made.. because I truly think it will be better.

Be strong enough to let go and wise enough to wait for what you deserve. 


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