I been wanting to write a post about friendship, and finally im starting on it.

So many things happened during 2015 and I am glad that my friends still remains as it is. I am also thankful to still have my secondary school clique, even tho we are no longer in the same class messing around, fooling around but we are still as close whenever we meet up! Also, you! I guess it’s feel good to be back friends and we are still as close!

To my girls from 1A04! It’s was pleasant meeting you all in year 1 and we have so much fun even though we do have down period! Now we are separated, but lets meet up more often alright!

To my bestfriend/Bae, I know that we knew each other only for like 2 years, going 3… But we clique so well and we are literally so noisy and having fun anywhere. I know we also often have down period, but I really do want to say that you are really a very nice friend. Always being by my side. We both are really hot-tempered girls and when we are in bad mood, it’s best to stay away from each other! HAHA. Apparently, we drifted due to work and i guess it is not a very good choice to work with your bestfriend as we will always have different viewpoint/opinions.

Friendship is something that we must keep and cherish. Never judge a book by its cover. Never judge someone by its looks. We will never know who is going to be there truly for us and who is just taking advantage of us. Tomorrow is another day, we should always look forward to a new day and a new start. No matter how hard a decision can be, always learn and try to forgive. When we start to forgive and forget, we will be much happier. Its alright to argue/quarrel with friends, but true friends will always forgive and forget. No matter what happened, no hard feeling will remain…

Love yourself and love the people around you. Don’t hate, just ignore. 🙂



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