I am back to my own space writing my own thoughts. It’s been quite a while since I updated this space. Well, It’s November now, so many things happened and I have no idea where to start from. Let’s just start with Taylor Swift Concert! AND YES, I went to Taylor Swift concert on the 8 November, so glad that Taylor came to SINGAPORE! PLEASE COME BACK SOON. I AM MISSING YOU ALREADY. OH MY GOD, I have went to all her concerts that was held in Singapore and I have to say all was amazing but 1989 was the BEST. For those who have never been to concert or wish to go concert at least once, TAYLOR SWIFT’S is definitely one of the best choice to choose!!

One of my ex-classmates from secondary school pass away, we have no idea what happened to him. But Rest In Peace, dear classmate. We might not be close but you are definitely a good friend to the all! Life is just so short, we will never know what’s going to happen the next moment. So, cherish everything you have now and leave no regrets behind.

Overthinking must be in my blood, every single things can make me overthink until I am so sad, so emotionless. I must learn to control my own thinking and feeling. Or else, I am just gonna be this sad all the times. No one ever tell me how to deal with all the emotions I have. I grew up handling all of them by myself. I simply just deal with all sorts of emotions. I am trying my best to just stay as who I am, and not freak out and go crazy over all sorts of emotions that I will ever have to deal with.



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