Finally some free time to update the blog here. Time is really passing by too quickly. Just a blink of eyes, it’s already July. There isn’t anything much that i would like to update about. I felt that people nowadays are too quick to judge and as well as that without hearing both side of the stories, they made an conclusion themselves already.

No matter what kind of conflict, misunderstanding or miscommunication, we should all voice out in a polite ways and those people that does not know a single things behind those stories should not be by the side adding fuels to the oil. We should all give each other a chance to speak up of their unhappiness and problems within the groups. It is always better to clear the doubts of misunderstanding or miscommunication than to leave it hanging and always have that bad impression of that person. It is common in our society to have misunderstanding and miscommunication. Clear doubts and everyone will be happier.

Many people ask me why am i still friends with him. I honestly have no idea why, I just feel that since we are able to be friends after all, then why not? Even though at the start, we were both confused being our status. However, it has been 4 months since we became friends back, we are very clearly of it already. Its like, he is someone who understand my emotion and feelings so well, thus, there is not much of a reason why i should lose a friend like him. Instead, I felt that its because we both been through so much together and we are practically in each other’s life for years, all the daily routines, characters, attitude, emotions, we both know it too well for one another and that is why we are able to maintain as friends even after a break up. Nevertheless, people says that we both are not in love that deeply or whatever, but i am pretty sure that i put in real feelings during that. 🙂

I felt that people can change the mindset of ending a friendship when we are ending our relationship. However, this is based on each individual and how well they can cope with their emotions. Cheers people. 😀


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