Father’s Day

Before the day ends, I want to wish all the father, daddy, dad, papa and also grandfather a Happy Father’s Day.

Today used to be a special day for me where i will wake up early to prepare breakfast or maybe bake something for my dad, however, it’s no longer that way. He’s no longer here by my side, but he stays in my heart forever and ever. The most important man in my life ever since I was born. His disappearance made me realized that no matter what, I should always cherish people around me and not until they are gone. I made a mistakes, I took him for granted, I thought he would come back no matter what. However, god choose to bring him away. I don’t blame him neither do I blame anyone for this. I blamed myself for not understanding his last few words for me. I miss him.

Daddy, I miss you so much. I hoped everything is good for you in wherever you are in right now, but no matter what, you’re still the most important person in my life and you will always be in the deepest part of my heart. I love you and thank you for bring me up. If there is a chance, I still wished to be your daughter in my next life. πŸ™‚

An update in my daily life:

Holidays now, busy with work. Kept myself busy with work to avoid the thoughts of him. It seems like whatever he is doing still affect me pretty much… It has been a few months since we ended, how come I am still missing him. I am still here wishing for you to come back…

I never wanted to leave.Β 


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