I’ve lost faith..

What’s forever and always? In life, is there forever and always? I doubt.

I doubted everything you said to me now, I can’t seems to bring myself to trust you anymore. I’ve lost faith in you, not just you but myself too. I seriously thought if I held on to this relationship, there will be changes to it. However, it is just me, my silly thinking. I cannot forget those words you said to me and those promises you made. Everything seems like it happened yesterday. Those sweet memories you gave me. I miss it, and I will never get it back. I had never think of the consequences of falling into this relationship so deeply, I thought it would last. I was wrong, so wrong. You said you won’t hurt me, in the end, you’re going to be the one that hurt me the most.

Everyone is asking me about you, and I always answer them in a positive mood saying ‘we are fine, just too busy.’ But the actual fact is we are not okay, we are getting further away from one another already. Everyday I’ll still ask myself, ‘Is there really no turning back?’ I hope we do, I really hope we do.

Whether we stays as a couple or not, I truly hope we can be friends still.


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