Twenty October.

This date used to be as special as my own birthday and it used to be important. However, it is different now. Today is my late dad’s birthday but he have already went somewhere else..

4 years back, where I just started my baking interest, I baked a Mars Cheesecake for my dad on his birthday. On that year, I baked cookies for Father’s Day. That’s how I started enjoy baking for people. 1.5 years back, he left.. No more celebration on this date, no more preparation neither plannings to do.

I am actually not upset over it, basically just missing him. I have remembered this date for 18 years. It is quite hard for me to not think about it. However I am glad that I am not crying or neither upset. I am just missing him.

I know this day is no longer a special day for me to remember. However, it is the memories I have in the past years. I miss you.


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