I have no idea how a business is started. Recently back to my part time job as I am having my holiday. But, this time is very different from the previous 2 times. Changes of system, staff. Finally, I went around all 5 locations and experience the difference in each outlet. Working with different people in different outlet. I actually enjoyed my work here, and I like the staff. Lots of jokes and it is quite fun. However, every job bound to have the bad side. Whether you are in office job, retail, government job or private limited, there are bound to be different sides of the work/people you have to face. Even though, I am just a part timer, but I know too much things where it make you sick. If I am just a newbie in this job and I know nothing about the staff, I won’t want to leave. But, knowing so much things… It really makes me want to leave immediately despite how fun it is.

It is actually quite sad that the people there are not thinking properly. It is pretty common for staff to dislike bosses or rather staff disliking other staff. But, this company’s staff is taking every small single details too seriously. There aren’t going to grow if they continues to be like this. I always think that people should learn to respect others decision and their thinking. Not everyone have the same thinking, and whether they like your thinking or what, never force people to follow your rules. Everyone have their own working style. Of coz, not everyone can accommodate everyone.

Apparently, I can and this is my weakness. Maybe because I am friendly or what, but people tends to say things to me. (Maybe I look like I am trustable), indeed I am.

I was hoping things will be better in between all staff and people in this job, I really enjoy my work here from this year start. I have worked for this company for about half a year, I like the peoples, and of coz the job is pretty relaxing but long hours. 😣 and whether will I be back to this job, I sincerely hope everyone there the best and be happy with one another.



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