Given up.

I never thought of sharing this out, but i have no one to share to. I guess i will share here..

I literally gave up on them. They aren’t worth anything at all, why am i still putting hopes for them to come and find us? Seriously, stupid thinking of mine. There is nothing to show off and i have nothing to envy about. I am just disappointed, very disappointed with you people. Don’t ever come asking how are we and the next moment having those photos on facebook where you simply know EVERYONE can see. Before my dad pass away, he is literally the nicest person on earth. Even though his job is to send people around and to wait.. But to family members, he is never a selfish man. Just one request, he definitely do it. Sometimes, even without any request, he will know what you want. 

So what if he has been treating you people nicely when he is around? P.S. I DON’T EXPECT ANYTHING, NEITHER ANY PAY BACK. I am just voicing out whatever i feel about you people. Just a year ago, we all are still so close, often received calls and texts from you all, what about now? People always say ‘Blood thicker than water’.. It is not so true anymore, people now see things in general, no longer thinking for others. 

Now, i see the true colors of you people, i won’t trust you all anymore. All fake and liars. 

I given up on you, you, you and you all. 


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