In this world, drama is something common in everyone’s life. I am not talking about the drama that is on show in the TVs, or those korean drama that people went crazy over it. I am talking about real life drama in the world that is created by human. Everyone is different in certain ways, and no one is perfect in this world (i guess). If everyone can stop being so competitive, stop being so sarcastic or rather, dramatic, then there wont be so much drama..

Everyone is born with a good and bad side, don’t deny it. Everyone is the same. I, myself, have a bad side too. From young, i am a very pampered child in the house, as i am the only child. No one snatch things from me, parents totally put their love and care into me. Everyone in the family loves and treat me like princess, thus, i am pretty stubborn and bad temper to some extent. Actually is very bad temper. However, i realized ever since my dad is gone, i learnt to control my temper and myself. I am no longer so dramatic..

Why is people being so competitive? What do they get from being competitive? Do they win something or do they get prizes from that? I honestly don’t get it why people around are getting more competitive, i mean like if it healthy competition, then is totally fine, but all i get is unhealthy competition. I am getting too tired over this issue. Furthermore, i am not even someone at your standard, why do you bother whether i study or not. Oh my god, i am so tired of this type of things.

Next, i thought friendship issue only happens in Secondary School. Wow, i guessed i am wrong, totally wrong. Even poly have it. I don’t fake myself to people because i don’t want fake people around me. But, i guess people around me are fake, except for some. Though Secondary School might have a lot of problems, dramas and all but i do miss secondary school more than whatever i am having right now.

Life getting harder now, nothing going smoothly. Everything is so different, looking at different perspective to see things now and i learnt to not trust people that easily. Things around me are making me so insecure, but i just try my best to not show it out. It is so hard to make everyone happy and it is harder to make myself happy now. So i give up, i gave up, i given up to make people happy. I gave up my happiness.


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