Holding on..

What do you do when things are not going your way and it is against your way? Do you give up? Do you let things go their way when it can go your way? Is giving up is good choice sometime?

There are so many questions i have in mind to ask, but who do i ask? Who should i seek opinion from? I seriously thanks those that stayed with me through my darkest period. As well as those who stayed with me through everything. I reached the point where i wants to give up on things again. There is no reasons to all these. To me, giving up also seem like the best choice to make. Giving up is so easy… but consequences is not easy to bear. 

Why do i get mood-swing so easily? My mood can go like the happiest moment on earth to the worst moment on earth. It is literally from one extreme to another extreme. I guess the fact that people affecting my mood is still very serious, especially from my love ones. This is one of the weakest point i have. I believe in people too easily, second weakest..

Relationship supposing to be sweet and loving.. That is all from our childhood fairy-tale. In reality, relationship have so many obstacles and problems to face. As a couple, the two of us faced things together. It is like “It takes two hand to clap”. No relationship success by just one-sided. I don’t think that my relationship is one sided, but both is not putting in effort enough to make the relationship strong. Every relationship is the same, just that how we handled it is different. I really cannot afford to lose another person in my life because everytimes my hopes are up, i watch it fall everytime…

There are times in life, where things go extremely crazy and out of your wildest imagination. There are times in life, where things are stagnant and you can’t do anything. I haven’t had a clue what the future will be. I’m lost yet i must still hand in there. No matter what path i choose, it is filled with danger. In the midst of the storm, even with diminishing hopes, i know there’s someone, who will stay with me till the end.

I cried and i miss you, you and you. 


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