Everyone told me that poly life is easier and it is much more fun than any other school. I seriously don’t think. I am not adapting well to poly life. Secondary school is where dramas and all that keep on appearing, and there are people telling me that it will be better in poly or rather, there won’t be any of these drama in poly. Bullshit, there are tons and tons of it. Not saying simple betrayal, but i think it is more of the trust that you earn.

People also told me that, poly friends lasts the longest… So i’m seeing whether this is the truth or it is just for majority and i happened to be the unlucky one that is not included in the majority. Trust do not just come along when you make a new friend. Trust is not something that you earned, and once you loses it, high chance you loses it forever.

Relationship is something that is hard to maintain, whether it is the relationship between family, friends and couple. The relationship we have with family is not something that we build up from, but we are born with it. However, we need to continue to build it up and strong to prevent it to break apart due to something small matter… It is the same to all the different types of relationships. I am pretty upset with the bond that my family have… It is getting lesser and lesser. I really hope that we will get back the bond like how we all are previously. Every family have it’s own family problem that only they themselves know and no one can help…

For the relationship between friends, this relationship is not something we are born with, but we need to build it up.. However, it also depending on which type of friends we meet. There are fake and real friends that are around you, open up your eyes and see. 🙂

As for couple, I am lucky to meet someone who stayed with me for almost 2.5 years already. I am glad that he didn’t give on the relationship despite how many time i have think of ending it.



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