I learn somethings new from my aunt. Her recent broke up enlighten me. I never once been so angry at a guy before. To be honest, i can never be angry at a particular person for long. Yes, he’s the first. I know it is not worth the anger, but i just cannot control myself.

In this relationship, i realized how someone can be so selfish towards themselves, their ego and prides. Guys got high ego and prides, but for their love ones, cant they let it down? In a relationship, it always take two hands to clap. So it also mean, when there is a quarrel, it definitely involves both parties. When a couple fell in love, there must be sparks in between then the two will choose to be called as a pair, unless is blind date. Even nowadays, blind date can become true love.

Love, is supposed to be a magical thing in life. But nowadays people take it easily. When a couple decide to be together, they are making promises at the same time, but people changes as time pass. The thinking will change and people will not stick to the same. I am not saying every couple is like this, but some.

 Everyone grow up differently, being strong is part of my growing up. Different people grow up in different situation. Some are born in good family that doesn’t requires any own protection. Some grow up protecting themselves. As a couple, both party suppose to be supporting each other in things they do. I hope things will get better for everyone :).

To my love ones, 

Love is just part of growing up. No matter how hard it get, stay strong and you will be able to conquer it. Never think failing in love mean failing in everything. I know breaking up is hard, but nothing get worst if you are dying inside. Love yourself hard enough before you could love someone. 🙂

xoxo, ily.


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