There are many things in life that i do not have the courage to say it all out. Courage is an important thing in life. Without courage, there are many things we wont be able to do it..

In my life, there are many important peoples.. (of course my family come first…). Without my family, there won’t be me. So of course they are the first! Next is my boyfriend and friends.

I changed a lot since my dad’s incident and the most affected one will be my family and bf and friends. I definitely would like to thanks them for being patient and putting up with my nonsense at all time. I am not that kind of person that express my appreciation and feelings out easily to my love ones. I am really thankful and gladful for them to stay with me during those periods.

Recently i had a big argument with my family members and i felt terribly bad over it.. Though it had passed for a month. It was due to my tiredness and i threw temper at all of them… I am really sorry for that day. I really dont know how to express my sorries to them. As well as, i am a spoilt kid… literally one, but im thankful to have such an understanding mother and she never give me up… I love you, mummy. This is also something i never know how to say it out..

To my boyfriend, I also have to thank you for accompanying me all times during that period. Now, we are both busy in our own things.. I understand that stress are adding up to you due to your school and probably your own situation.. I guess i am also adding up to your stress huh. Nevertheless, thank you. You know i am never good at putting my words but thank you is all i wanna say. 🙂

Thank you, bestf.. You’re a good friend, really. Thanks..

Everything takes time. Even healing up the wound take times. We must always be positive in life and never look at the bad side. When nothing is right, look left.. Perhaps, you will find a solution there. I am never good at solving my own problems but im glad that god gave me a heart that can help other people. I am glad that god gave me a pair of ears so that i can lend a listening ear. I am also glad that god gave me a shoulder to lend other people when they need it.

No matter how hard life is, putting a smile will put a smile to everyone. When everyone smiles, your heart will eventually smile too. We must learn to smile and live our life and not always sad. 



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