Special Post.



Hi reader, this is a special post to someone out there. Well, i am not very sure whether that person will see this or not…

I just want to thanks that person for appearing here in my life. That person made me learn a lot of things in just this one month or so. I never knew love can be like this. I guess different people got different thinking of love. This topic is always a sensitive for everyone especially couples. Some people treat it as a routine, some treat it as that is something that will appear in their life and so. But some… is purely for love, for the feeling they have in each other.

Everyone thinks differently for this topic, me and you too. Yes, usually a pair get together only after they knew each other well and they knew that there is something different in them that the other people dont have. This two people have the special feeling in them towards one another. But they are also people that get together because they lacked of companion or love.. so they just want to find someone and love. I feel that this sentence ‘ Letting go is also another kind of love for that special one…’ is true.


xoxo, ‘You’re not alone, there is always someone there by your side.’


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