My Life

In life, there are too many things that will happened. When you are in the stage of growing up, you will have difficulties in studies, failing/passing the exam. Met someone you think you have a lot of common topic to talk about, met someone that made you stayed up late to chat. Going along, there are so many things, good and bad, challenging, fun. The last, Death.

I never expect myself to lose my dad in my growing up stage. It affect a lot. Small little things affect me, but I’m gladful to have friends and loves one around me that support me and keep telling me I’m strong. Looking forward to my future but not looking forward to it at the same time. Now, i can still pretend to be strong and overcome all the sadness, but what about the future?


I remember telling myself that i will never let anything affect my mood and bring my tears out. But what happened recently, why do i feel like crying all the time? It’s been while since i wanted to cry it out so badly…




Conceal, Dont feel. Dont let them know. 


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