What is the hardest thing in life?

I guess losing my dad is the hardest thing in my life. I don’t know how to overcome the pain and sorrows that is in me. I never thought I would lose him so fast. The greatest pain before my dad pass away, was losing my aunt. My greatest aunt. Now, my dad’s eldest brother which is my uncle, pass away too. Cancer attacked him, and he couldn’t celebrate his birthday this year. Oh, he has the same birthday as me! Amazing right!

I seriously never thought I would lose 3 family members in a year… My dad, and my two uncle. I guess, my second uncle has the most amount of pains right now. From 4 brothers to 1… From 6 siblings and now left him alone. He lost all his brothers this year. My mindset was stuck at the 12 years old mindset before dad pass away.. I always thought relationship hurts the most but hey stupid.. No! Losing family members hurt the most. Also seeing your love ones cry hurts too…

I miss you, daddy. Where are you? How have you been? Do you still remember me? Let me know you’re fine..


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