ButterBeer Frappuccino

If this world really have the Harry Potter’s World, what will we be? All of us will have magic power and a special magic wand. If this world really got Hogwarts School, we will all be learning how to make potion, and other magic. If there is a ‘station’ 9 3/4, we will be able to pass through the wall and go another world.

Starbucks had special secret recipe which we can requested. I tried their ButterBeer Frappuccino today, it tasted like Caramel Frappe with a milk base! Yum, *thumbs up!*


If we really have magic, maybe I can have my dad back by my side. I maybe can conquer the dark side for him, maybe he will live longer and be by my side. He is like the character in Harry Potter, Dumbledore, he guided Harry potter through and protect him. Same like my dad.

I believe that this world have fairytale and magic.


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