Freedom & Trust.

In every relationship, freedom and trust is very important. In the horoscope, Sagittarius is one of the horoscope that doesn’t like to be tied up and need freedom no matter what. I am one.

People say I controlled my bf too much, doesn’t give him freedom? Am I? I don’t know. Maybe is the way I communicate with him and certain area that I don’t think is control, but you people think is.

Also, trust is super duper important. When there is no trust, the relationship cannot last. In a girl’s view, I will think that, being sensitive and nonsensical is normal in a r/s. As girls are sensitive animals. Boys don’t think the same way as us girl, they think that social life is important too. But to a girl, when love is here.. Except family.. Anything can be neglected just for the love.

I neglected a lot of my close friends for my bf, but he never think the same way. Small little things that would make me feel happier, he won’t know. I trusted him, but when the trust is gone for once. It is harder to gain back for the second time. Even though I still trust him, but I still have my doubts. That’s common.


I love you, but do you?
Am I not good enough to replace your friends still?
Yes, I know they give you a different feeling from what I give. They will never quarrel and argue over small things with you… But I don’t think I am important in your heart still.



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