My another half.

I am not sure, what I am going to write in this post, but I shall just write my thoughts in. Today marked the 20th monthsary with my boyfriend, but are we happy together?

Well, our love story is pretty different from other couple out there. Maybe our religion plays a part, we have totally different thinking towards certains things. Perhaps, is me. As I am very sensitive. There is too much misunderstanding we have and many other things. Different opinion, different thinking. Anyone can tell me how to solve? I really want us to be normal and be happy. 😦

If you ever see this.

I know it’s hard for two different personality to come and be together. I never expected us to last longer than a year. A lot of thing happened this year, nothing smooth between us too. Quarrel and Arguement are the common topic we have now. We wanted a talk after our papers, it is still on alright. There’s no point to be holding on when it is only one person giving in and the other person accepting. Both have to give and take, one sided is never happy. We need to sit down and think what to do with our relationship. Definitely not now. It is not the correct time too. I just want us to resolve and not everytime leaving everything hanging undone. I keep telling myself to cherish and appreciate, but are you? 🙂 Well, is okay. 🙂 Everyone is different and special. 🙂



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