It been 1589 days since you left me, daddy. I miss you so much. Days like this, you will definitely be here next to me talking to me or even just sitting at the sofa watching tv together. I miss days having breakfast with you.. I miss days having supper with you. I miss you.  […]

People come and go…

Not everyone that walks into your life stays on all the way. There are temporary people and permanent people. Temporary People. We will never know who is going to stay on forever and we will never know who is just leaving some scars or marks and then leave. We take things so serious in every aspect […]

It happened for a reason…

Everything happens for a reason. We can be with someone for years, but when certain things are meant to happen, it will happen. Never say it’s too early to cherish or appreciate people around you. Cherish them before it’s too late or before it’s gone.  I lost my chance to cherish my dad, to appreciate […]

Another year

Another year passed by. Its October again. I remember having a post on October last year too. Obviously, I’m still trying my best to take things easy but I believe i’m doing well. Its currently 12:45am, I just couldn’t close my eyes yet, so why not take this time to update my WordPress. I finally […]


This week seems bad. It has been quite a few heavy downpour and thunderstorm. I hate heavy downpour, I hate thunder. In fact, I am afraid of thunder and lighting. But sometimes, the sound of thunder do wake me up from the daydream I am dreaming of. Heavy downpour makes me sad, it makes me […]


  I been wanting to write a post about friendship, and finally im starting on it. So many things happened during 2015 and I am glad that my friends still remains as it is. I am also thankful to still have my secondary school clique, even tho we are no longer in the same class […]


I am back to my own space writing my own thoughts. It’s been quite a while since I updated this space. Well, It’s November now, so many things happened and I have no idea where to start from. Let’s just start with Taylor Swift Concert! AND YES, I went to Taylor Swift concert on the 8 […]